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MAILBAG: Greed Over Need: Monsey Residents Are Fed Up With This

I am writing this letter admittedly filled with both anger and frustration, as a Monsey resident witnessing the chaos and disruption caused by the construction of a new multi-family project at the corner of Maple Avenue & Suzanne Drive. The management of traffic around this construction site is nothing short of a debacle, affecting countless lives daily, with no apparent end in sight.

On Tuesday, the situation escalated to an unbearable degree. Maple Avenue was reduced to a single lane, alternating traffic from both directions. This resulted in an absolute traffic nightmare, causing significant delays, with traffic backed up for hours. Residents, including myself, grudgingly accepted this as a one-off inconvenience. However, our patience and understanding were severely tested when the same scenario unfolded today. Once again, we found ourselves trapped in traffic for 30 to 40 minutes, causing substantial disruptions to our daily routines. Buses were delayed, causing students to arrive late to yeshivas and schools, disrupting their education and the schedules of countless families.

In a bid for answers, I approached the site manager to inquire why these disruptions could not be scheduled during less intrusive hours, such as weekends or nights. The response was as infuriating as it was enlightening: “Who will pay the overtime?” This flippant disregard for the community’s wellbeing is unacceptable. It is evident that the financial considerations of the construction project are being prioritized over the lives and schedules of Monsey residents.

This situation is untenable. The lack of foresight and planning regarding traffic management around this construction project is causing undue stress and frustration for many. It is a clear indication that the needs and concerns of the community are being sidelined. I urge the project managers and local authorities to consider the severe impact their decisions have on our daily lives and to implement immediate changes. This could include scheduling disruptive work during off-peak hours or providing clear and timely communication to allow residents to plan their travel accordingly.

We, the residents of Monsey, deserve better. We call for immediate action to mitigate this ongoing disruption and for a more thoughtful approach to community impact in future developments.

A frustrated Monsey Resident

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  1. You are 100% correct we are all suffering quietly as some greedy investors are rolling in millions of dollars without any concern about the local residents no concern about our precious children sitting on busses for hours on a daily basis just going and coming from schools no concern about small shopping for an elderly couple which can take hours just to get around the traffic.
    May Moschiach come quickly and get to Jerusalem

  2. This is typical now in Monsey and Lakewood sadly the money is too powerful. The Monsey we knew is gone this is Brooklyn 3.0 Lakewood was 2.0

  3. Who are they the brown trucks? And again, they will leave it with a big mess. Chaverim should be ready for a few new flat tires daily.

  4. I’m not sure anything changes from letters here. Can anything be done by pressuring town officials? I’m new here so idk……..Well aware how things go in Lakewood.


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