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Local Community Leaders Endorse Aron B. Wieder for State Assembly

A coalition of town and village leaders from the 97th district has officially announced their full support and endorsement for County Legislator Aron B. Wieder, who has served Rockland County for over 12 years.

In a letter released Tuesday morning, the local leaders wrote:

Aron Wieder has built a strong reputation for engaging with community leaders, addressing their concerns, and understanding the needs of the residents. His commitment to tirelessly advocate for the community has earned him widespread confidence as he seeks to represent the district in the State Assembly.

During his tenure, Wieder has made significant contributions to Rockland County, including the successful oversight of county budgets that have led to property tax decreases. He has consistently been responsive to the needs of the community, ensuring that the voices of his constituents are heard and acted upon.

Looking to the future, Wieder is committed to several key initiatives, including ensuring continued access to busing for all students, regardless of whether they attend public or private schools. He is also focused on finding effective solutions to the challenges facing the East Ramapo School District.

Wieder’s dedication to securing county funding for towns and villages has been a hallmark of his service, and he pledges to continue this work as an Assemblyman in Albany.

The following leaders have signed the endorsement, expressing their collective support for Wieder’s candidacy:

  • Michael Specht, Supervisor, Town of Ramapo
  • Itamar Yeger, Legislator, Rockland County
  • Yisroel Moshe Spitzer, Mayor, Village of New Square
  • Ilan Fuchs, Mayor, Village of Pomona
  • Chaim Rose, Deputy Mayor, Village of Chestnut Ridge
  • Phil Soskin, Legislator, Rockland County
  • Joel Friedman, Legislator, Rockland County
  • Michael Rosman, Councilman, Town of Ramapo
  • Shmuli Fromovitz, Trustee, Village of Chestnut Ridge
  • Shalom Mintz, Deputy Mayor, Village of New Hempstead
  • David Wanounou, Councilman, Town of Ramapo
  • Yehuda Weismandl, Councilman, Town of Ramapo
  • Allie Pinkasovits, Mayor, Village of Kaser
  • Abe Sicker, Mayor, Village of New Hempstead
  • Moshe Schulgasser, Trustee, Village of New Hempstead
  • Shimon Levi, Trustee, Village of New Hempstead
  • Shaya Shiffman, Trustee, Village of New Hempstead
  • Mendy Lasker, Deputy Mayor, Village of Pomona
  • Moshe Greenberg, Trustee, Village of Pomona
  • Raanan Zidile, Trustee, Village of Pomona
  • Joel Grunwald, Trustee, Village of Pomona
  • Sruly Eisenbach, Deputy Mayor, Village of Spring Valley
  • Joseph Gross, Trustee, Village of Spring Valley
  • Asher Grossman, Trustee, Village of Spring Valley
  • Shmuel Smith, Trustee, Village of Spring Valley
  • Shimmy Rose, President, East Ramapo School Board

“A vote for Aron Wieder is a vote for our community’s future,” the leaders emphasized in their joint statement.

With such broad-based support, Aron Wieder stands poised to bring his proven leadership and commitment to the State Assembly, advocating for the betterment of Rockland County and its residents.

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