Law Enforcement Honored By Jewish Leaders At Palisades Parkway Police Headquarters [PHOTOS]

Last week, in gathering of distinguished and long-time community leaders joined by the honorable NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, a strong supporter of law enforcement, took place to honor and celebrate exceptional law enforcement individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to keep residents safe while continuing to build community relations and trust.

This event served as a remarkable show of appreciation and unity for the newly appointed NYPD commissioner, as well as the heads of various law enforcement agencies such as the heads of the US DOJ, US DEA, FBI, ATF, US Marshals, PIPPD, Orange and Sullivan County District Attorneys, Passaic and Ulster County Sheriffs, the president of the NYS Trooper’s PBA, and the NY State Police. The significance of this gathering cannot be understated, as it highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting those who dedicate their lives to ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities.

“On this momentous occasion, we unite to express our heartfelt appreciation and unwavering support for the exceptional efforts of law enforcement at every level. For countless years, their outstanding work has safeguarded our communities, and today, we stand grateful, pledging to stand by their side and foster even stronger bonds between their departments and the community they serve”, said the esteemed Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, as he emphasized the importance of nurturing and enhancing community relations with our dedicated law enforcement personnel.

“Law enforcement individuals play a crucial role in maintaining law and order within society. Their commitment to protecting the public and upholding justice is commendable. However, it is essential to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts, as they often go above and beyond their call of duty said longtime community leader and law enforcement Chaplain, Rabbi Abe Friedman in his speech.

This gathering serves as a testament to the recognition and celebration of these exceptional individuals who have not only kept residents safe but have also worked tirelessly to build strong community relations and foster trust”, said Friedman.

“Law enforcement agencies, such as the NYPD, FBI, and ATF, are responsible for maintaining public safety. These agencies work diligently to prevent and investigate crimes, apprehend criminals, and ensure justice is served. For example, the NYPD commissioner, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, has successfully implemented strategies to reduce crime rates in New York City. Their efforts have resulted in safer neighborhoods and improved quality of life for residents”, said senior leader and NYSP Liaison, Rabbi Bernard Freilich.

“In addition to their primary role of enforcing the law, law enforcement individuals also strive to build positive relationships with the communities they serve. This is crucial in fostering trust and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public. For instance, the County Sheriff’s department has initiated community outreach programs, such as neighborhood watch programs and youth mentorship initiatives”, said NYPD Chief Chaplain, Rabbi DR Alvin Kass.

Among the attendees were NYPD Commanding Officer of Community Affairs, Inspector Richie Taylor, Ramapo Police Chief Martin Reilly, Ramapo Police Captain Daniel Hyman,   Senior Advisor to NYC Mayor Eric Adams Joel Eisdorfer, Rockland County Chaverim Coordinator Yossi Margeratten, Williamsburg Shomrim Coordinator Yanky Itzkowitz, NYPD Clergy Liaisons Simcha Bernath and Yehuda Eckstein, who were among the other leaders, echoing their appreciation to the over a dozen honorees for their commitment to the community.

In a moving speech, Yechiel Kalish, the CEO of Chevra Hatzolah , said, “I speak on behalf of literally thousands of EMS professionals who all agree that the relationship with law enforcement on all levels has never been so professional and collaborative as it is now.”

In a heartfelt address, the Chief of the Palisades Parkway Police Department paid tribute to the extraordinary bravery of five individuals from their department, who were hailed as true heroes. Expressing profound gratitude for their life-saving efforts, the Chief Steven Shallop acknowledged the remarkable dedication of these officers in a moving speech that resonated with the entire community.

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