Landmark Real Estate Deal Concludes in New Hempstead: New York Golf Club Parcel Sold for $4 Million After 15-Year Dispute

In a landmark real estate transaction marking the end of a prolonged legal battle, New York Golf Enterprises, Inc. has sold a significant 9.28-acre parcel of land for $4 million. The property, part of the New York Country Club’s golf course at 103 Brick Church Road, was acquired by Union Village, LLC, a company managed by local real estate investor Berel Karniol. Located at 618 Union Road in the Village of New Hempstead, this sale concludes a 15-year dispute that involved nine years of litigation.

The origins of this saga trace back to December 2008 when Alan Gestetner entered into a contract with New York Golf Enterprises (NYGE) for the sale of the 9-plus acre parcel, initially part of a larger 160-acre golf course property. The agreement initially involved a $250,000 down payment and an additional $750,000 upon subdivision approval. However, disputes arose over the payment schedule, leading to a severance of contact by NYGE in 2009.

The ensuing legal struggle saw Gestetner filing several lawsuits in Rockland County Supreme Court, asserting the contract’s validity and enforceability, despite being modified orally. Gestetner claimed NYGE had agreed to accept periodic $25,000 payments until land subdivision approval, after which he would pay the remaining balance.

Despite NYGE’s contention that the contract was unenforceable under the Statute of Frauds, a doctrine requiring real property sale contracts to be in writing, Rockland County Justice Sherri Eisenpress sided with Gestetner in 2020, validating the oral modification. However, in May 2023, the Appellate Division, 2nd Department, overturned this decision, dismissing Gestetner’s complaint.

In a surprising twist, the parties eventually reached a stipulated settlement, allowing Gestetner to assign his contract rights to another entity. This led to Union Village, LLC’s acquisition of the property for $4 million, with the stipulation that $750,000 be paid within 30 days and the balance at closing.

This deal also signifies the end of the related litigation. The property, expected to be developed into senior housing, represents a significant investment in the local real estate landscape.

Further reshaping the area, NYGE earlier sold the remaining golf course land, nearly 150 acres, to 103 Brick Church, LLC, a Monsey-based company, for $35 million. A zoning proposal is currently under consideration to transform this land into a residential area with 344 single-family homes, while preserving existing natural features.

The transformation of this iconic golf course, known for hosting various community events, marks a significant shift in the local real estate development, heralding new opportunities and challenges for the Village of New Hempstead.

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