Kitchen Fire Quickly Extinguished by Theils Fire Department with Aid from Neighboring Departments

At approximately 4:24 PM on Thursday, the Theils Fire Department rushed to the scene following a report of an oven fire at a local residence. As they made their way, a subsequent distress call confirmed an active blaze.

In response to the escalating situation, an Automatic Mutual Aid request was made, bringing in the West Haverstraw Fire Department’s FASTeam to assist.

Upon arrival, firefighters were confronted with a full-blown kitchen fire on the 2-3 side of the house. The first responders from Theils Fire Department swiftly took action, deploying a hose line, entering the premises, and launching an aggressive attack to douse the flames. Their rapid response ensured that the fire was promptly contained and prevented from spreading to the second floor.

Support also came from the Hillcrest Fire Department and Volunteer Hose Company #2, showcasing the seamless collaboration between local fire departments during emergencies.

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