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Kevin McGuinness Appointed as Coordinator of Environmental Resources by Rockland County Executive

In a recent announcement, Rockland County Executive Ed Day introduced Kevin McGuinness as the newly appointed Coordinator of Environmental Resources for the county. McGuinness, an accomplished professional in the field, has accepted this pivotal role, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the position.

Kevin McGuinness joins Rockland County after serving as a principal scientist at Ramboll, a distinguished architecture, engineering, and consultancy firm. In his previous role, he was responsible for overseeing environmental investigations and the appropriate remediation of contamination on former industrial properties. His extensive experience in this capacity has equipped him with a profound understanding of the complexities involved in preserving and protecting the county’s parklands and environmental resources.

County Executive Ed Day expressed his confidence in McGuinness, stating, “I am proud to share the news of this great addition to lead our Division of Environmental Resources. Kevin McGuinness understands the complexities involved in maintaining our county-owned parklands, specifically preserving and protecting resources and the environment. McGuinness is incredibly qualified, with an array of experience conducting environmental remediations and negotiating environmental projects with regulatory agencies. I am confident that his experience will ensure he gets the job done.”

McGuinness’s impressive professional background extends beyond his recent position at Ramboll. He has previously served as a Rockland County Parks Commissioner and currently holds the position of co-chair at the NY/NJ Trail Conference. In this role, he is responsible for the maintenance, improvement, and preservation of 180 miles of the Long Path, stretching from New York City to Greene County, NY. McGuinness also manages trail maintainers, supervisors, and trail crew members, and collaborates with stakeholders, politicians, and municipalities to further enhance the trail and secure open space for preservation.

The Coordinator of Environmental Resources position comes with an annual salary of $114,827 and requires confirmation from the Rockland County Legislature.

County Executive Day emphasized the critical role of the Coordinator of Environmental Resources, explaining, “The Coordinator of Environmental Resources plays a critical role in managing administrative and managerial functions of Environmental Resources, in addition to handling all work related to the parks, including security, determinations on granting permits, and enforcement of rules and regulations, to name a few. I’m confident McGuinness will guide DER down the right path.”

Kevin McGuinness’s appointment brings a promising outlook for the preservation and enhancement of Rockland County’s environmental resources and parklands. With his extensive background and County Executive Ed Day’s support, the community can look forward to continued dedication to these vital areas.

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