JUST IN: Juvenile Arrested Over False Alarm at Suffern High School; Investigations into Bomb Threat Continue

As Monsey Scoop reported, On the morning of September 22, a concerning phone call sent to Suffern High School set law enforcement into swift motion. The call hinted at a potential chlorine gas leak or device present on the school premises, prompting an immediate response from the Ramapo Police Department. The subsequent search, however, found no trace of such a threat, bringing a temporary sigh of relief to the school community.

Authorities weren’t about to let the matter rest. The Investigations Division of Ramapo PD, together with the School Resource Officer, delved into tracing the anonymous call that triggered the alarm. Their efforts culminated on September 26, with the arrest of a juvenile accused of Falsely Reporting an Incident 1st Degree, a Class D Felony. Given the minor status of the suspect, the ensuing legal process will unfold in the Rockland County Family Court.

This scare came hot on the heels of another alarming incident just a day prior, on September 21, when a bomb threat was reported at the school. The response to the threat caused a significant disruption to the normal school routine, necessitating a large-scale specialized response. The ongoing investigation into the bomb threat sees the Ramapo PD collaborating closely with federal law enforcement agencies to unearth the origins and details surrounding the ominous notification.

The Suffern School District is extending its full cooperation to the law enforcement authorities as they work diligently to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff. While the inquiries proceed, no further official statements will be released to maintain the integrity of the investigations.

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