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June 14th Declared Chief Martin Reilly Day in Ramapo and Rockland County

On Friday, during the heartfelt ceremony and walkout for retired Ramapo Police Chief Martin Reilly, Supervisor Michael Specht and Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder made a significant announcement. They declared that June 14th will henceforth be known as Chief Martin Reilly Day in the Town of Ramapo and throughout Rockland County.

Chief Reilly’s distinguished career in law enforcement began in September 1984 when he entered the Orange County Police Academy. Upon graduating in January 1985, he was appointed to the Woodbury Police Department. In April 1987, Reilly joined the Ramapo Police Department, where he demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in various roles over the years. He was promoted to sergeant in June 1999, lieutenant in 2010, police captain in 2016, and ultimately, chief of police in June 2021.

The announcement of Chief Martin Reilly Day honors his nearly four decades of service and his impactful contributions to the community. The ceremony was attended by colleagues, community members, and local officials, all of whom expressed their gratitude and admiration for Chief Reilly’s unwavering commitment to public safety.

Supervisor Specht and Legislator Wieder highlighted Chief Reilly’s exemplary career and the positive influence he has had on the Ramapo Police Department and the broader community. They praised his leadership, integrity, and dedication, which have set a high standard for law enforcement in the region.

The establishment of Chief Martin Reilly Day ensures that his legacy will be remembered and celebrated for years to come, serving as an inspiration for future generations of law enforcement officers and community leaders.

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