JOWMA and Rockland County Department of Health Join Forces for Unprecedented Monsey Health Fair, Fostering Wellness and Unity

On Sunday, December 17, Monsey experienced a vibrant and health-focused event that left a lasting impact on the community. Organized by the Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association (JOWMA) and sponsored by the Rockland County Department of Health, the Health Fair brought together families, health professionals, and various organizations for a day of education, activities, and community engagement.

Hosted at The Atrium, the event aimed to promote health and wellness within the heimishe community while fostering a sense of unity and support. A standout feature of the fair was the emphasis on family-friendly activities. Attendees were delighted to find an array of entertaining and educational options for children. From face painting to interactive games, the fair successfully combined fun and learning. “JOWMA is excited to both introduce ourselves as a resource to the members of the Monsey community, as well as simultaneously provide a day of fun and learning,” stated Sheindel (Ifrah) Goldfeiz, COO/CFO of JOWMA. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as children engaged in activities that promote healthy living. The day set the stage for a future generation of health-conscious individuals.

Booths were strategically set up to cover a diverse range of health-related topics, offering valuable information to attendees. Maternal health, an area of particular importance to the community, was a focal point. JOWMA member and OBGYN, Dr. Esti Hirschhorn,  provided insights into prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum well-being, empowering mothers with knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their newborns. 

Another critical aspect of the event was the promotion of child safety. With a focus on proper car seat installation, Pediatrician and  JOWMA member, Dr. Jackie Goldman, demonstrated the correct techniques to ensure the safety of infants and young children during car travel.  “I didn’t realize how misinformed I was about car seat safety. Like even basics such as no coats or where the buckle [should be].” one participant noted. The hands-on demonstrations proved invaluable for parents, equipping them with practical knowledge to safeguard their children on the road. In addition, Jennifer Leopold and Tova Ovits, lactation consultants from First Latch, provided close to 25 private lactation sessions throughout the day, and shared general guidance about common lactation questions. “I love serving the community and participating in community events,” Jennifer shared.

One unique touch that added a sense of community and tradition to the event was the distribution of custom Mitzvah notes as well as custom thermoses, nightlights, jump ropes and more! Activities included a bounce house, photo booths and face painting. “Incredible, truly amazing, and wow so many people! I gained from every single booth-so many important topics!” said a satisfied participant. 

The collaborative effort between JOWMA and the Rockland County Department of Health showcased the power of partnerships in promoting community well-being, marking the first official health fair of its kind in Monsey. The event was a resounding success, leaving a positive impact on the community. The comprehensive approach, encompassing education, child-friendly activities, and community building, highlighted the importance of looking at the full-picture when addressing health. As communities continue to come together for such initiatives, the path to a healthier and more informed society becomes clearer and more achievable.

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