Joint Traffic Safety Initiative on Palisades Interstate Parkway

In collaborative effort to enhance road safety, the New York State Police Haverstraw (Troop F), Rockland County Sheriff’s Office, and the New York State Park Police have initiated a series of random traffic details on the Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP). This move comes in response to the alarming number of traffic accidents reported on the PIP, with over 1,000 incidents in 2022 and 735 to date this year.

The traffic enforcement operation, which ran from November 14 to November 16, 2023, resulted in the issuance of a total of 138 tickets. Notably, 103 of these citations were for speeding violations. The authorities have stressed the importance of adhering to speed limits, avoiding phone use while driving, and showing respect to fellow motorists. The primary aim of this initiative is to ensure the safety of all commuters, helping them to safely reach their workplaces and return home without incident.

The increase in traffic monitoring and enforcement on the PIP is part of a broader strategy to reduce traffic-related accidents and enhance overall road safety. Motorists are advised to remain vigilant, adhere to traffic laws, and contribute to making the parkway a safer route for everyone.

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