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IMPORTANT UPDATE: List Of Roads Remaining Closed Following Sunday Storms

In the aftermath of the severe storms that have battered Rockland County on Sunday, local authorities have issued a notification to residents regarding road closures. The announcement, made by Rockland County officials, was shared with the community through the trusted source of local news, Monsey Scoop.

The urgent message sent to Monsey Scoop relayed the important information to residents, highlighting specific areas that are currently inaccessible due to the storm’s impact. The following roads have been closed until further notice:

1. Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP) from Exit 14 to Route 6, in both directions.
2. Route 9W from Tomkins Cove to Bear Mountain.
3. Bear Mountain Bridge.
4. Route 9W from Bear Mountain Circle to Fort Montgomery.
5. Goat Trail from Bear Mountain Bridge to Peekskill/Westchester.
6. Route 6 from PIP over the mountain into Orange County.

The closures have been implemented to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians as recovery efforts continue in the affected areas. Rockland County officials, in collaboration with relevant authorities, are working diligently to assess the damage caused by the storms and restore normalcy as soon as possible.

Residents and commuters are strongly advised to respect the road closures and avoid unnecessary travel in these areas until further notice. The aftermath of severe weather events often leaves behind hazards such as fallen trees, debris, and damaged infrastructure, making the roads unsafe for passage. It is crucial for everyone’s well-being to adhere to these closures and exercise caution.

Rockland County officials are actively engaged in ongoing cleanup and restoration efforts, deploying resources to clear roadways, repair damages, and restore normal traffic flow. They are working tirelessly to ensure that the affected roads are reopened promptly and safely.

Authorities are also urging residents to stay informed through official channels such as Monsey Scoop. Regular updates will be provided regarding the progress of road repairs and the reopening of closed routes.

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