Hundreds Attend Atzeres Tefilla For Eretz Yisroel In New Hempstead {PHOTOS}

The New Hempstead kehilla hosted its fourth “Evening of Tehillim, Encouragement, and Inspiration” last night, drawing in women and girls from across eight local Shuls. This atzeres tefilla was organized as a zchus for the people of Eretz Yisroel amidst the ongoing conflict in the region.

The event took place at Kenesses Yisroel on Union Road and saw a remarkable turnout with over a hundred participants of various ages. They collectively completed the entire Sefer Tehillim an astonishing fourteen times within a mere half an hour.

Rebbetzin Chanie Viener graced the occasion with her presence, offering words of encouragement and wisdom to those gathered, aiming to fortify their resolve during these challenging times.

The initiative, spearheaded by Miriam Adelman and Elana Staum, has established itself as a weekly beacon of hope, is scheduled to continue every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. at Kenesses Yisroel. Each week features a new speaker, providing ongoing inspiration and chizuk to the community.

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