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HUGE PHOTO ALBUM: 6 Senior Roshei Yeshiva Visit Monsey On Critical Fundraising Mission

The recent visit to the U.S. by six senior roshei yeshiva from Eretz Yisroel not only marked an unprecedented moment in Jewish history, but also sparked an equally unparalleled revolution of American Jewry rallying to the support of the Lomdei Torah thousands of miles away in Eretz Yisroel through the newly established Keren Olam Hatorah.

Over the course of the roshei yeshiva’s short trip, an astounding $83 million was raised from philanthropists in the tri-state area and Toronto. Of that figure, $14.8 million was raised in Lakewood, $13.3 million in Brooklyn, $12.4 million in Manhattan, $11.5 million in Deal, $9.9 million in the 5 Towns, $8.5 million in Monsey, and $6 million in Toronto. In addition, significant funds were raised for the Keren in areas the roshei yeshiva did not visit. Most notably among them are Chicago, where $1 million was raised, and Brazil, where baalebatim combined to donate $5 million.

A widespread initiative is now being launched to raise the remaining $25 million of the original $107 million goal – the figure in funds that the Israeli government recently cut from the stipends of yeshivos and kollelim – from everyday machshivei and machzikei torah. Donations can already be made by visiting Rayze.It/olamhatorah. Shuls, companies or other groups that want to create a team can do so by emailing

Below are photos from the roshei yeshiva’s fundraising event in Monsey. The roshei yeshiva participating in the events – on behalf of all affected yeshivos and kollelim in Eretz Yisroel – were: Rav Dov Landau, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, Rav Don Segal, Rav Yaakov Hillel, Rav Avraham Salim and the Rachmastrivker Rebbe.

For photos from events held in other cities, click here.

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