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Honoring the Legacy: Retired Police K9 Patriot Passes Away After Years of Dedicated Service with Suffern Police Department

The Suffern Police Department is heartbroken to announce the passing of a loyal and dedicated member of their team, retired Police K9 Patriot. Serving alongside his handler and partner, PO Lou Venturini, from 2011 to 2021, Patriot’s legacy is one of unwavering commitment and exceptional service.

Patriot, a certified Patrol K9, demonstrated his skills in a range of crucial areas, including search and track, evidence recovery, apprehension, and narcotics detection. His exceptional abilities were called upon on numerous occasions during his time on patrol, leading to the recovery of vital evidence, including narcotics.

Beyond his impressive professional contributions, Patriot also became an integral part of the Suffern Police Headquarters. Officers working patrol fondly remember sharing meals with Patriot, further cementing his place in the department’s history.

It is impossible to discuss Patriot’s legacy without recognizing the vital role played by retired PO Lou Venturini. A driving force behind the Suffern Police Department’s K9 Unit, PO Venturini initiated the program with K9 Aran, the department’s first K9. Following Aran’s retirement, PO Venturini continued to demonstrate his expertise as he handled K9 Hero, and eventually, K9 Patriot. Known for his exceptional skills and professionalism, PO Venturini set the standard for K9 handling in the region.

The foundation laid by PO Venturini’s dedication lives on, with the current K9 team led by PO Joseph Ingui and K9 Thorn, upholding the prestigious legacy of the Suffern Police Department K9 Program.

As we bid farewell to a true hero, Police K9 Patriot, his memory will remain etched in the hearts of those he served and protected.

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