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HISTORIC MISSION UNDERWAY: Gedolim Attend Fundraiser At Home Of Philanthropist Shimmy Glick

The Gedolim on their historic mission to raise $100 Million for Yeshivas and Kollelim Eretz Yisroel, have attended their first major meeting at the home of philanthropist Reb Shimmy Glick in Monsey.

Two of the Gedolim landed this morning at Teterboro Airport, while the others were scheduled to land in the US later Sunday morning.

The Gedolim on this mission are Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, Rav Yaakov Hillel, Rav Don Segal, Rav Dov Landau, the Rachmastrivker Rebbe and Rav Avraham Salim.

The Gedolim will be attending private events with philanthropists and leading Baalei Tzedakah the next few days.

As many as ten thousand people are expected tonight at a major Asifa in Lakewood outside BMG.

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