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Historic Gathering Of Rabbonim Establishes New Monsey Va’ad Ha’Eiruv

The Monsey community is abuzz as it embarks on the complete overhaul and establishment of a new Eruv Committee. This groundbreaking initiative, encompassing the entire Rockland County region, aims to involve every resident and is led by a unified corporation of all Jewish communities, spearheaded by all the local Rabbonim.

A major asifa was held Sunday afternoon at the Bnos Yisroel Vizhnitz hall attended by nearly two hundred Rabbonim and Dayanim,  focused on addressing the critical crisis surrounding the existing Eruv and the urgent steps required to handle it with immense responsibility and united efforts.

It’s no secret that the current Eruv Committee is facing a severe crisis. Residents agree that the existing body can no longer continue with its current standard. In an area as large and diverse as Monsey, which spans about fifty square miles, a massive, unified effort led by all major communities and their Rabbonim and Daiyonim is essential.

The meeting commenced with a powerful address by Viznitz Philanthropist Reb Shimon Gertner, who eloquently and passionately spoke about the severe crisis at hand. This was followed by an insightful presentation by the Veiner Dayan Reb Yosef Zilber delineating the clear Torah perspective and legal decisions pertinent to the situation, emphasizing the obligation of every resident to be part of the Eruv and contribute to its expenses.

Further speeches were delivered by the Harnesteifel Rav of Monsey HaRav Yakov Moshe Twersky and then leading Rabbonim of the community, including the Satmar Monsey Rav and the Viznitzer Rebbe Shlita, who will be the “Noisie” of the Vaad Ha’Eruv.

The new Eruv Committee will be managed by a board of lay leaders and a working committee, including specially paid inspectors and responsible parties, to ensure maximum adherence and kosher standards for the Eruv. The primary responsibility of the Eruv will be handled by a number of larger communities, in close cooperation with every single shul across the entire County and its surrounding areas.

In the coming days, detailed information about the new Eruv, including its leadership and financial responsibilities, will be made public. Every Jewish resident in the area is expected to participate. The meeting concluded with all Rabbonim unanimously signing a joint proclamation, which will be distributed in the following days.

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