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Help Rebuild Hope: Assist Misaskim Of Monsey In Replacing Its Vital – But Broken – Shiva Resources Van

Misaskim of Monsey, which services all of Rockland County, has been a beacon of hope and support for the community during their most challenging times. Founded by the late Reb Yanky (Jack) Meyer ZT”L, its mission has always been to provide comfort and assistance with a spirit of chesed that knows no bounds. Yanky Meyer’s legacy of compassion has forever changed the landscape of chesed within Klal Yisrael, making a profound difference in countless lives.

The Challenge:
Misaskim’s van, which has served faithfully in delivering Shiva necessities to grieving families since 2007, broke down irreparably. This vehicle has been at the heart of Misaskim’s operations, enabling it to reach those in mourning with resources that bring solace and support during Shiva. The loss of the van has placed a significant strain on Misaskim’s ability to continue its work.

The Need:
To continue Misaskim’s vital services and uphold Yanky Meyer’s monumental legacy of chesed, it urgently requires a new van and shelving equipment. This isn’t just a van; it’s a vehicle of kindness, a bearer of comfort, and a crucial part of Misaskim’s efforts to support the community, families, and individuals in times of sorrow.

The Vision:
The new van, which will be made possible through your support, will be named “L’iluy Nishmas Misaskim Founder Reb Yanky (Jack) Mayer ZT”L,” a tribute to his indelible impact and everlasting influence on Misaskim’s mission.

How You Can Help:
Your contribution will directly fund the purchase of a new van and the necessary shelving equipment, ensuring that Misaskim of Monsey can continue to provide immediate and compassionate assistance. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal and furthers the reach of Yanky Meyer’s legacy of unconditional support and chesed.

In these challenging times, your support is more critical than ever. Together, we can rebuild hope and continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those experiencing loss.

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