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Haverstraw Neighborhood Faced Series of Gas Leaks; Emergency Crews Responded Swiftly

A string of natural gas leaks has been causing concern among residents. The hamlet of Thiells in Haverstraw became the center of attention when Orange and Rockland utility workers were summoned following reports of a strong gas odor on Friday night.

The utility crews quickly identified two minor leaks on Rosman Road. Officials from O&R pinpointed the origin of the smell to storm drains on Oakwood Lane, which they managed to repair by the early hours of Shabbos morning. They assured the community that there was no immediate danger, but urged locals to remain vigilant and report any signs of gas leaks.

The Mispalallim leaving Khal Mevakshei Hashem on Friday night, were confronted with an alarming scene. Dozens of emergency vehicles, including fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, had descended upon Oakwood Lane to address a gas leak. Residents along the entire street were evacuated as a precaution while emergency teams worked diligently to locate and address what was initially feared to be a significant leak.

In an effort to ensure safety, emergency personnel extinguished Shabbos candles in homes, highlighting the risk of open flames near gas leaks. Families were displaced but found refuge with friends and relatives, sharing Shabbos meals. The weather, fortunately mild and dry, was a small consolation for those affected.

The emergency operation extended beyond Oakwood Lane, with efforts also seen on Rosman Road and Mountainview Drive. Teams worked tirelessly from 6PM to 3AM, after which residents were allowed to return to their homes around 8:30PM.

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