Hatzolah EMS of Rockland County Hosts “Ask The Paramedics Forum” for Ongoing Education and Collaboration Between Its EMTs and Paramedics

In a significant step towards enhancing emergency medical services, Hatzolah EMS in Rockland County hosted the groundbreaking “Ask The Paramedics Forum.” This training brought together EMTs and paramedics from within the organization, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for ongoing education. Led by experienced paramedic Kenny Rosenberg, the forum aimed to improve teamwork and the quality of services provided by Hatzolah.

Rockland Hatzolah Coordinator, Yissacher Lichter, expressed the organization’s unwavering commitment to providing education opportunities for its members to enhance their capabilities further. Lichter told Monsey Scoop, “Hatzolah puts a lot of work into offering education opportunities for the members to continue to improve their skills in order to better serve the community.” He highlighted the invaluable dedication of Hatzolah members, who invest countless hours in responding to various types of calls and prioritizing ongoing education.

The “Ask The Paramedics Forum” served as a platform for open dialogue and shared insights, providing a unique opportunity for members to learn from their peers. The exchange of knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the skills and preparedness of Hatzolah’s dedicated members.

Hatzolah EMS in Rockland County continues to lead the way in providing top-notch care to its communities. The “Ask The Paramedics Forum” exemplifies the dedication and passion of its members in their mission to ensure the highest level of care for those in need.

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