HATE: Swastika Discovered on Vehicle In West Nyack

On Thursday evening, a shocking act of vandalism was uncovered in West Nyack as a swastika was found painted on a vehicle. The Clarkstown police were called to a parking lot at 2 Centerock Road around 6 p.m., where they discovered the hateful symbol adorning the hood of a Tesla.

The owner, who had parked his vehicle earlier in the day, was devastated by the discovery. While this disturbing act has sent ripples through the community, the police have stated that it seems to be a random act of criminal mischief.

Town Supervisor George Hoehmann strongly condemned the vandalism, calling the behavior reprehensible. He firmly stated that such acts have no place in their town. The police are now actively investigating the incident to find those responsible and ensure the safety and inclusivity of the community.

Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward to assist in the investigation.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to the Clarkstown Police Department as the town bands together to uphold the values of tolerance and respect, vehemently rejecting acts of hate like this.

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