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Governor Hochul Approves Bipartisan Legislation Spearheaded by Senator Weber and Assemblyman Zebrowski for Abandoned Cemetery Restoration {PHOTO & VIDEO}

On Wednesday morning, Senator Bill Weber, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, and Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann gathered at the Nanuet site to commemorate a significant milestone in the restoration of abandoned cemeteries. Their visit marked the culmination of efforts that began earlier this year when Senator Weber and Assemblyman Zebrowski introduced legislation (S.6878/A.7121) aimed at securing state funding for cemetery restoration in the Town of Clarkstown.

The legislation, which had been under discussion and review for several months, received the final stamp of approval when Governor Hochul signed it into law in October 2023. The signing paved the way for Clarkstown to access vital financial resources to restore and repair three long-neglected cemeteries within the town’s jurisdiction.

The trio of lawmakers, joined by local officials and community leaders, embarked on a tour of the Nanuet site, one of the three cemeteries set to benefit from the recently signed Cemetery Restoration Funding Bill. The bill’s passage represents a significant victory for preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Clarkstown, as well as ensuring the respectful upkeep of these sacred resting places.

“We’re here today to celebrate not just the signing of a bill but the preservation of our local history,” stated Senator Bill Weber during the tour. “Our cemeteries hold the stories of our past, and now we have the ability to honor and remember those who came before us and served our country honorably.”

The Cemetery Restoration Funding Bill paves the way for the Town of Clarkstown to apply for restoration and repair funding for headstone repair, landscape maintenance, and the overall revitalization of these historically significant burial grounds.

This legislation helps these abandoned cemeteries regain their rightful place as important historical landmarks within the community. As the project moves forward, it is anticipated that the memory of those interred in these cemeteries will be honored, and the historical fabric of Clarkstown will be preserved for generations to come.


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