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Gedolei Hador Issue Urgent Call to All World Jewry

The visit of six senior roshei yeshiva to the U.S. last week ignited an extraordinary display of Kavod Hatorah, with tens of thousands turning out to welcome the gedolim to their towns and show support for limud hatorah in Eretz Yisroel, which is under severe threat due to drastic funding cuts by the Israeli government.

Over the course of the gedolim’s short visit, a staggering $83 million was donated by philanthropists to Keren Olam Hatorah, the fund established by the roshei yeshiva, bringing the ambitious goal of raising $107 million to fill the gap left by the spending cuts within reach. However, there is still $24 million left to be raised.

Now, the broader public has been given a mandate by the gedolei hador: It is our collective responsibility to close the gap and ensure the continuity of Torah study in yeshivos and kollelim across Eretz Yisroel. Rayze.It/olamhatorah

The urgency of the moment cannot be overstated and the chovas hasha’a is clear: We must come together, rallying k’ish echad b’lev echad to support our colleagues in limud hatorah. The gedolim’s call demands every member of Klal Yisroel to step up and contribute to this crucial cause

Now is the time to act. Here is how you can help:

Create Fundraising Teams: Forming a fundraising team is one of the most impactful ways to support this initiative. Gather friends, family, and members of your kehilla to join you in raising funds. This collective effort not only amplifies your impact but also builds a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Spread the Word: Awareness is key. Use your personal and professional networks to share the importance of Keren Olam Hatorah. Encourage others to create their own fundraising teams or to contribute directly to the cause.

Personal Contributions: Every donation counts, whether large or small. Your personal contribution will directly impact the sustainability of Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel.

Corporate Involvement: Business owners and executives can play a pivotal role by encouraging their employees to join the fundraising initiative. Creating a company team can significantly boost fundraising efforts.

By investing in Keren Olam Hatorah, you will be investing in the future of Klal Yisroel and ensuring that the light of Torah continues to shine brightly. Your efforts will not only benefit the yeshivos and kollelim but will also undoubtedly bring Shefa Bracha to you, your family, and all your endeavors.

Donations can already be made by visiting Rayze.It/olamhatorah. Shuls, companies or other groups that want to create a team can do so by emailing

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