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Frum Monsey Resident Shmuel Winsbacher Named Valedictorian at NYPD Graduation

Shmuel Winsbacher, a 25-year-old frum Monsey resident, received the prestigious honor of being named valedictorian at the recent NYPD graduation in Madison Square Garden. The event saw Winsbacher receiving two of the highly coveted awards among the eight presented.

With an outstanding overall average of 99.59 percent, the highest recorded in a class comprising more than 500 students, Winsbacher was recognized with the academy’s topmost honor, the prestigious “Mayor’s Award.” Not stopping there, he also achieved another remarkable feat by earning the esteemed “First Deputy Commissioner’s Award,” with an impressive academic average of 99.3 percent.

In an inspiring valedictorian speech, Winsbacher warmly reminisced about the six-month-long journey he and his fellow classmates had embarked upon at the NYPD academy. His address emphasized the importance of maintaining personal integrity and professionalism, which he said embodied the essence of the law enforcement department they were now a part of. He also motivated his fellow graduates to view this momentous occasion not as a conclusion but as a stepping stone toward a lifelong commitment to protect and serve the community with unwavering dedication.

Despite living in Rockland, Winsbacher set a goal of joining the illustrious NYPD rather than opting for the comparatively quieter police force in his hometown.

His dedication and pursuit of excellence were clearly reflected in his exceptional academic achievements and the prestigious awards he received at the graduation ceremony.

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