Former Airmont Trustee Brian Downey to Begin Prison Sentence in January Following Firearms Conviction

Brian Downey is slated to begin his prison term on January 17 after being sentenced in the U.S. District Courthouse in White Plains, Judge Cathy Seibel ruled. The sentencing follows Downey’s guilty plea for possession of an unregistered firearm acquired by mail. Upon completing his sentence, he will be under three years of supervised release.

Downey’s case was delayed due to injuries from a May motorcycle accident. His guilty plea led to his resignation from the Board of Trustees, a post he had held since his election in March 2019.

He faces additional sentencing on November 14 in Rockland County Court for six counts of weapons possession, which might be served concurrently with his federal sentence.

The charges arose from a 2021 raid at Downey’s home by federal and local authorities, where they found an arsenal of unregistered weapons and fraudulent law enforcement badges. This discovery followed an investigation into a silencer shipped to Downey.

Under the federal sentencing guidelines, Downey could face 18 to 24 months in prison, but the final decision rests with the judge. The community continues to monitor the outcome of this case, underscoring the gravity of illegal firearm possession.

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  1. he’s not and never was a dangerous man. this was a violation of the law and a person like him should be fined/punished, as is in most European countries, NOT destroy his life. Jail is for dangerous repeat criminals. We have a problem with a criminal justice system that is politicized.


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