FIRST REPORT: Town of Ramapo Rolls Out New Regulations For Taxis Following Horrific Assaults [VIDEO]

In the wake of a massive outcry and subsequent boycott of certain taxi services due to harassment and assault experienced by numerous women in the community, the Town of Ramapo is rolling out new requirements for taxi and cab services operating in its borders.

In a joint statement with Police Chief Martin Reilly, Supervisor Michael Specht announced the new laws regulating the use and operation of taxis within the town, as a response to reports of individuals being treated improperly by drivers.

The new rules require drivers to be screened by the Town of Ramapo and undergo a background check. They also require all cabs within the Town of Ramapo to be registered with the town, and prohibits the vehicles from having tinted windows – a major concern among taxi patrons.

The law will now also require every cab to have a town-provided sticker on its exterior identifying it as a taxi vehicle, which will demonstrate that it is approved by the town to be operating and picking up passengers.

A newly formed Taxi Commission has already met and discussed the regulations, and will work along with the police department and code enforcement officers to ensure that cab companies are following the laws. The members of the newly formed Taxi Commission are: Yvonne Louis, Joseph Margaretten, Mona Montel, Morton Silberberg, Josh Hans, and Assistant Town Attorney Amy Mele.

Comments or additional suggestions regarding the new regulations may be emailed to

“We believe that this will make our population be able to trust cab drivers and ride in safety, and not have to fear of being exploited or taken advantage of,” Specht said.

Chief Reilly then outlined the specifics of the new regulations, beginning by noting his department’s commitment to the security and safety of the town’s residents.

“The Town of Ramapo wants to work with our local cab companies and local cab drivers,” Reilly stressed. “This will help us protect passengers and drivers who operate within the Town of Ramapo jurisdiction.”

“We are expecting full compliance with these laws, and want to work with the cab companies to get this up and running,” he added.

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