EREV SHABBOS UPDATE: Elected Officials and Community Leaders Join Zoom Call with Ramapo Officials to Address Security Concerns

In a proactive effort to address security concerns within the community, dozens of elected officials and community leaders convened on a Zoom call with Town of Ramapo officials including Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht and his Chief of staff Mona Montal this afternoon. The meeting aimed to provide reassurance to residents and discuss security measures in place during the upcoming Shabbos and extended weekend.

Chief Reilly, began by affirming that as of 4:00 PM, there are no credible threats reported. In light of this, the Ramapo Police Department has taken swift action by significantly increasing patrols throughout the area. The goal is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents during this period.

Chief Reilly emphasized the importance of community involvement and urged residents to remain vigilant. He stressed the “See Something, Say Something” mantra, encouraging individuals who encounter any suspicious activity to immediately call 911.

Notably, Chief Reilly added a unique touch to this guidance for the Shabbos period. If residents spot anything amiss during Shabbos and are unable to call 911 directly, they are encouraged to flag down a Ramapo Police car to report the issue promptly.

To further enhance security, Chaverim Of Rockland organization has stepped up its efforts. They will deploy more than a dozen Shabbos Patrol vehicles throughout the area during this period. In a collaborative effort with the Ramapo Police, residents are advised that if they do not see a Ramapo Police car nearby, they can flag down a Chaverim Of Rockland Shabbos Patrol vehicle, and the patrolman will promptly contact 911 on their behalf.

The joint effort between elected officials, community leaders, and law enforcement agencies underscores the commitment of the Town Of Ramapo leadership to ensure the safety and security of its residents. By fostering an environment of vigilance and cooperation, they aim to provide peace of mind to all during this extended weekend.

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