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EAST RAMAPO: Second Opportunity For East Ramapo Voters To Approve 2023-24 School Budget on Tuesday

Tomorrow, East Ramapo voters have the opportunity to vote on the upcoming school budget, which was narrowly rejected in the previous round.

Notably, the revised 2023-24 budget plan now does not include any tax increase, a departure from the previously proposed plan that had nearly a two percent tax hike.

The district encompasses 13 schools and approximately 10,500 enrolled children, along with an additional 33,000 children residing in the district but attending private schools, particularly yeshivas catering to the Orthodox Jewish community The district is obligated to provide transportation and other services for all children within its boundaries, with transportation expenses consuming a significant portion of the budget.

The polls will be open tomorrow from 7 am to 9:30 pm.


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