East Ramapo School District Takes Action Against Lead Contamination

East Ramapo School District, known for its students being unable to use water fountains since 2016 due to lead contamination, is now actively addressing the issue. The superintendent anticipates new water fountains to be operational by the upcoming school year, based on construction progress.

Recent investigations found alarming lead levels in water outlets in 43% of New York schools and 56% of New Jersey schools, prompting concerns about children’s lead exposure. Parents are urged to consult doctors for blood tests.

Superintendent Clarence Ellis reaffirmed the district’s commitment to resolving the issue, providing bottled water dispensers and bottled water as an interim solution. The New York State Department of Education is closely monitoring progress.

Students in the district have been unable to use water fountains for seven years due to excessive lead levels, leading to calls for state intervention. The New York Civil Liberties Union drew attention to the disproportionate impact on Black and Hispanic students, emphasizing the harmful effects of lead exposure on children.

In response to these concerns, the school district pledged to replace water fountains in 13 school buildings, prioritizing student safety and well-being.

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