E-Z Pass SMS Scam Alert: Rockland County and Hudson Valley Residents Beware!

Residents of Rockland County and the Hudson Valley have been put on high alert as reports of a new scam targeting individuals through text messages have surfaced. The scam, known as “Smishing,” has prompted warnings from local authorities and the New York E-ZPass website.

The alert, which some residents may have missed, advises against clicking on any links received in text messages and emphasizes the importance of visiting the official website to conduct business. The official websites mentioned are https://www.e-zpassny.com and https://www.tollsbymailny.com/.

Authorities are urging individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to their carriers and relevant authorities. A resident who received such texts demonstrated the correct response by reporting it to both the authorities and her carrier.

Further information on how the scam operates can be found on the Department of State’s website at https://dos.ny.gov/cell-phone-smishing-scam.

As the scam continues to target unsuspecting individuals, residents are advised to stay informed and take necessary precautions to protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

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