County Executive Ed Day Applauds MTA’s Decision Not to Raise West of Hudson Fares, Calls for Improved Service

Statement from County Executive Ed Day:

“I am pleased to share that the MTA has listened to our concerns and will not raise West of Hudson fares. Rockland County commuters certainly deserve this exemption. I hope the Metro-North will additionally begin to finally improve and expand West of Hudson service from our County, specifically the Pascack Valley line service. Many may feel like their voice does not matter. This decision makes it clear that it absolutely does. I would like to acknowledge everyone who shared my concerns and contacted MTA, ultimately contributing to the turnaround decision.”

County Executive Ed Day expresses his satisfaction with the recent decision by the MTA to refrain from increasing fares for commuters traveling west of the Hudson River. Recognizing the significance of this exemption for Rockland County residents, he also emphasizes the need for further enhancements in the West of Hudson service, particularly the Pascack Valley line service. By highlighting the importance of community engagement, Day assures individuals that their voices do matter and acknowledges the efforts of those who joined him in expressing their concerns and reaching out to the MTA. The collective efforts of the community played a pivotal role in influencing the MTA’s decision and bringing about this positive outcome.

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