Congressman Mike Lawler Joins Community Leaders at Sukkos Event Hosted by Activist Mayer Tauber

On Thursday evening, an important Sukkos gathering was hosted at the Sukkah of community activist Mayer Tauber. Congressman Mike Lawler, along with a host of other politicians and community leaders, graced the event.

Initially, the leadership of local villages had a private conversation with Congressman Lawler to deliberate on local issues. Later on, more Askonim joined the gathering.

During the meeting, Congressman Lawler shed light on recent events in Washington DC, emphasizing his disappointment particularly with the ousting of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who is close to him. “In my 15 years in politics, I’ve never witnessed anything like this. It’s utterly distasteful,” Lawler remarked.

Notable attendees at the event included:

– Congressman Mike Lawler

– Senator Bill Weber

– Steven Powers, Rockland County Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

– Michael Specht, Town Of Ramapo Supervisor

– Aron Wieder and Joel Friedman, Rockland County Legislators

– Yanky Fliegman and Shimmy Singer, Monsey Fire District Commissioners

– Donna Silberman, Rockland County Clerk

– Elan Fuchs, Village Of Pomona Mayor

– Stacy Caridi, Montebello’s Deputy Mayor

– Shmuli Fromovitz, Chestnut Ridge Trustee

– Yisroel Eisenbach, Village of Spring Valley Trustee

– Asher Grossman, Village Of Spring Valley Deputy Mayor

– Isaac Weiss and Morris Friedman, Airmont Trustees

– Yehuda Zorger, Airmont Mayor’s Confidential Assistant

– Binyamin Mermelstein, Village of Kaser Clerk

– Marshal Katz, Mayor Of Wesley Hills

– Chaim Rose, Deputy Mayor Of Chestnut Ridge

– Abe Sicker, Mayor Of New Hempstead

– Shimon Moses, Deputy Mayor Of Airmont

– Community Activists: Yossi Gestetner, Tzvi Waldman, and Mendel Volf Drummer

– Rafi Silberberg, District Director of Congressman Mike Lawler’s Office

– Mendy Lasker, Trustee Village Of Pomona

– Yossi Margeratten, Chaverim Of Rockland Coordinator

– Hershy Margeratten, Community Law Enforcement Liaison

The meeting signifies the importance of community engagement and the bridging of local and national issues.

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