Congressman Mike Lawler Hosts Critical Public Safety Roundtable with NY-17 Congressional District Law Enforcement Personnel

In an important meeting on public safety, Congressman Mike Lawler spearheaded a roundtable discussion with local law enforcement officials in Rockland County, on Monday morning. The event, aimed at bolstering support for police officers and enhancing community safety, saw the participation of Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, Assemblyman Matt Slater, and Interim Yorktown Town Supervisor Ed Lachterman.

During the roundtable, the officials underscored the daily risks police officers face and emphasized the necessity of providing comprehensive support to ensure their safety and the protection of the communities they serve. The gathering also highlighted the urgent need for legislative reforms to address the challenges faced by law enforcement in the state.

In his statement, Congressman Lawler praised the efforts of local law enforcement leaders and pointed out the critical need for the introduction of a “dangerousness standard” in New York, noting the state’s unique position as the only one in the country without such a measure. He argued for giving judges more discretion in legal proceedings, particularly in cases involving violent criminals, and called for stringent penalties for those who harm police officers.

Lawler’s comments referenced the tragic death of Detective Jonathan Diller, stressing the devastating impact of violent crime on families and communities. He advocated for more aggressive actions against crime and urged Governor Hochul to assume responsibility for addressing these pressing issues.

The meeting was also attended by Rockland County Community Law Enforcement Liaison Hershy Margeratten and Congressman Lawler’s district leader Rafi Silberberg, further highlighting the broad support for law enforcement in the region and the collective commitment to enhancing public safety.

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