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Congressman Mike Lawler Announces Over $2.1 Million for Flood Prevention in Clarkstown, Impacting Residents

In a significant announcement for the residents of Clarkstown, Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17), flanked by Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann, State Senator Bill Weber, and other local and state elected officials, revealed a multi-million dollar flood prevention initiative designed to protect the community from future flood damages. The announcement, which took place in the presence of Jeffrey Court residents, earmarks $2.1 million in community project funding to combat flooding issues in the area.

During a news conference, Congressman Lawler emphasized the collective effort that led to this substantial funding allocation. “After completing the appropriations work for the 2024 fiscal year, we managed to secure $58 million for District 17 through two funding bills,” Lawler stated. This financial injection is set to address a myriad of needs within the district, including clean drinking water, flood mitigation, downtown revitalization, support for local law enforcement, and job creation. Lawler highlighted his commitment to working across party lines and government levels to fulfill the needs of the district’s residents. “I’m proud to announce $2.1 million in funding to address the flooding here at Jeffrey Court, West Nyack,” he added, noting the project’s goal to provide long-term risk reduction by preventing floodwaters from the Hackensack River from inundating local properties.

The funding aims to tackle the longstanding issue of flooding, exacerbated by aging infrastructure and increasingly severe weather events, ensuring the safety and security of Clarkstown’s neighborhoods.

Supervisor George Hoehmann shared the financial burdens faced by the community due to historic flooding, with some residents paying up to $7,000 in flood insurance annually. He expressed gratitude towards Congressman Lawler for his swift response and effective action in securing federal funds. “We’ve found a great partner in the federal government. Congressman Lawler listened to our requests, and his office worked diligently with our residents to garner support. Thanks to his efforts, we now have $2.1 million for a vital flood prevention project,” Hoehmann stated, outlining plans for a levee-like structure to protect the area.

Adding to the discourse, Senator Bill Weber commended Congressman Lawler for his exceptional work and commitment to action over mere dialogue. “We all want to thank Congressman Lawler for his exceptional work in this resolution. He doesn’t just talk; he puts plans into action, which is something that the residents truly appreciate,” Weber remarked. He also highlighted ongoing collaborative efforts to address not only the immediate concerns at Jeffrey Court but also broader issues along Route 59 and Route 303. “Together with Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski office, the town board, and Congressman Lawler, we are seeking both short-term and long-term solutions for other areas of concern within this area,” Weber added, expressing his gratitude towards Congressman Lawler for his significant contributions.

This funding is not only a testament to the collaborative work between local, state, and federal officials but also a crucial step towards safeguarding Clarkstown’s communities from the devastating impacts of floods.

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