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Congressman Mike Lawler Announces $8 Million Infrastructure Improvements in Ramapo

On Monday morning, Congressman Mike Lawler, who proudly serves New York’s Rockland County and the Hudson Valley, held a news conference at the Ramapo Town Hall to announce historic infrastructure improvements aimed at addressing pedestrian safety issues in the town.

The initiative will bring $8 million in federal funding to Ramapo, specifically allocated to reduce traffic deaths and improve pedestrian safety. This critical funding has garnered strong support from local residents, state legislators, and community organizations.

“For years, pedestrians in parts of Ramapo have been at greater risk of injury due to a lack of funding from the state and federal government for pedestrian safety improvements and critical infrastructure,” said Congressman Lawler. “That ends today – with over $8 million in new federal funding for more than a half-dozen projects all across the town.”

“This funding will help the Town of Ramapo to enhance pedestrian safety, making roads safer for those traveling by foot, bike, or car,” continued Congressman Lawler. “I’m proud that I was able to deliver this critical funding and look forward to continuing to work with local leaders in identifying new projects that improve the quality of life for Hudson Valley Residents.”

“With over $38 million in Community Project Funding alone returned to the 17th District this past fiscal year, we are delivering for residents of the Lower Hudson Valley,” concluded Congressman Lawler. “I’ll never stop fighting for my constituents, and look forward to sharing additional information about our FY2025 Community Project Funding requests in the coming weeks and months.”

“This is a tremendous example of the good that can happen when government works together across party lines – federal and local government working in partnership to do what’s best for our local residents,” said Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht. “This $8 million will go a long way toward making our residents safer and improving their quality of life.”

“This will go a long way to cutting down on pedestrian accidents and it will improve the everyday life of the residents of the Town of Ramapo so that we can have better roads, better infrastructure, better drainage, and all the great things that come along with this enormous amount of money for our infrastructure,” said State Senator Bill Weber.

“I don’t think anyone works harder than our Congressman Mike Lawler,” said State Assemblyman John McGowan. “This is good government. This is government doing what it’s supposed to be doing – doing something that the residents need that is necessary and wanted. I’m so glad to be here partnering with my friend Congressman Mike Lawler and I thank him once again for the work that he’s done.”

“I thank Congressman Lawler for everything that he does, all the funding that he’s gotten us, and how hard he works for everybody over here,” said New Hempstead Mayor Abe Sicker. “It is great to see when we all work together how much we can accomplish.”

“This money will help us accelerate numerous sidewalk projects in the Village,” said Wesley Hills Mayor Marshall Katz. “We’ve got a pedestrian population, especially on the weekends and religious holidays, that is just growing and this will help them.”

“Without Congressman Lawler and his team this project would not have happened,” said Pomona Mayor Ilan Fuchs. “After so many years, it’s good to have a Congressman who doesn’t just come here around an election but is here all the time.”

“Unfortunately, there’s been a lot negative with regard to the dysfunction in Congress – not here,” said Chestnut Ridge Mayor Sam Presti. “Congressman Lawler truly is an outlier in a good way when it comes to that, because he’s been able to really appeal across the aisle, and it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, the bottom line is he’s doing what’s good for the folks in Ramapo and what’s needed in his district.”

“Congressman Lawler has been a tremendous partner to all of us in Airmont,” said Airmont Mayor Nathan Bubel. “The accessibility, the meetings that we’ve had during the course of the year and everything he’s done to help the villages, the counties, and the country.”

“This is a beautiful picture,” said New Square Mayor Izzy Spitzer. “We all know what’s going on in the world now, what’s happening in other places. Having five or six mayors all working together is a pleasure.”

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