Congressman Lee Zeldin and Mike Lawler Rally Support for Senator Weber’s Re-election Campaign

In a spirited show of unity and political support, Congressman Lee Zeldin and Mike Lawler headlined a re-election fundraiser for Senator Weber, drawing a diverse crowd from across Rockland County. The event, which took place last night, marked the commencement of an electrifying campaign season, with the election just one year away.

The fundraiser, held at the Doubletree Hotel in Nanuet, brought together individuals from various walks of life, transcending party lines and demographics. It was a clear testament to Senator Weber’s broad appeal and the significance of the upcoming election.

The evening kicked off with a solemn moment of silence in memory of the Israeli victims of the recent Hamas terrorist attacks. The gathering paid its respects to those affected by the tragic events, highlighting the global nature of the challenges faced today.

Following the tribute, Congressman Lee Zeldin and Congressman Mike Lawler took the stage to address the eager audience. Their speeches resonated with attendees, focusing on the importance of unity, security, and effective governance. Congressman Lee Zeldin, known for his strong advocacy on national security issues, emphasized the need for unwavering support for allies like Israel and stressed the importance of continued efforts to combat terrorism worldwide.

Congressman Mike Lawler, a rising star in local politics, echoed the sentiments of unity and emphasized the significance of grassroots involvement in the political process. His message was met with enthusiastic applause from the diverse group of attendees.

As the event concluded, the excitement for Senator Weber’s re-election campaign was palpable.

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