Congressman Lawler Secures Unprecedented $36 Million for NY-17 Community Projects, Quadrupling Previous Funding

Today, Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17) released the following statement after securing almost $36 million in Community Project Funding for 17 projects across the 17th District in the bipartisan appropriations package that passed the House today. An 18th project, which would assist with flooding issues in Clarkstown, is expected to be funded in full in the next appropriations package.

The $35.9 million in funding for the 17 projects is more than quadruple the amount of funding brought back by the 17th District’s previous representative in FY2022.

“I am thrilled to have secured almost $36 million in funding for communities across New York’s 17th District,” said Congressman Lawler. “The projects range from providing clean drinking water for tens of thousands of residents to repairing aging infrastructure and dams to expanding pedestrian safety and accessibility, and this funding will significantly improve the quality of life of residents across the Hudson Valley.”

“When I took office, I promised Hudson Valley residents that I wouldn’t stop fighting for them and their priorities in Washington, D.C. and this funding is the latest example of keeping that promise,” concluded Congressman Lawler. “By returning quadruple the amount of Community Project Funding that the former member representing NY-17 did in FY2022, it’s clear we’re delivering for Hudson Valley families.”

The full list of Congressman Lawler’s 14 projects can be found below:

Annsville Sewers Project in the Town of Cortlandt
Funding Secured: $1,000,000
The funding will support constructing a central sewer that would provide sewer and water service to the Annsville Creek section of the Town of Cortlandt.

Rockland Sewer Screenings Improvement Project in Rockland County Sewer District No. 1
Funding Secured: $1,250,000
The funding will replace three mechanical type bar screens which the District utilizes daily, as well as upgrade the existing screenings building.

Mahopac Downtown Redevelopment Clean Water Infrastructure Improvement in the Town of Carmel
Funding Secured: $2,000,000
The funding will be used to improve and expand public access to Lake Mahopac, which has been heavily impacted by stormwater runoff from the surrounding areas. This will help redevelop the Swan Cove area to support local downtown businesses and residents.

Emerging Contaminants Water Supply Mitigation Project in the Town of East Fishkill
Funding Secured: $2,000,000
The funding will be used for the construction and additional ionization treatment of a water main interconnection to distribute and serve water to an area that needs clean, safe drinking water.

Rt. 22 Sewer District No. 4 Improvement Project in the Town of Pawling
Funding Secured: $1,000,000
The funding will be used to construct a municipal sanitary sewer service along the Route 22 corridor in the Town of Pawling. Economic growth has been severely limited due to the difficulty, delays, and expenses with the insulation and ongoing maintenance of on-site septic water wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

North State Road Water Main Replacement Project in the Town of Ossining
Funding Secured: $1,000,000
The funding will upgrade the community’s water distribution system, and the scope of work includes the complete replacement of the Town’s old cast iron mains in the project area.

Oregon Corners Pump Station Replacement Project in the Town of Putnam Valley
Funding Secured: $1,250,000
The funding will replace the Oregon Corners Sanitary Sewer Pump Station with an entirely new structure, which would minimize odor to the public, increase capacity, and eliminate flooding issues. This project will also address the long-term issues at the pump station and is critical to reducing the risk of sanitary sewer overflows which can contaminate nearby bodies of water, including the drinking water supply for the neighboring City of Peekskill.

Business-Historic Preservation District Water Main Project in the Town of Somers
Funding Secured: $2,000,000
The funding will facilitate primary drinking water regulations by constructing a water main in the core of the Somers community. It will also address severe risks to public health by addressing PFAS MCL exceedances in the Business-Historic Preservation District.

Mount Pleasant Public Safety Communications Upgrades Project in the Town of Mount Pleasant
Funding Secured: $815,000
The funding will be used to acquire and implement a Computer Aided “CAD” Dispatch system for the dispatch and Record Management System “RMS,” as well as to replace and upgrade radio communications equipment, significantly improving emergency response and coordination for a police force of approximately 50 officers who service approximately 35,000 calls per year. Much of the Town’s current communications equipment is not adequate to service the community with the current and increasing needs of: mutual aid response, changing technology, increased demands for police reform, operational continuity, greater frequency of environmental emergencies and other challenges as well.  The current CAD system is obsolete and, with Westchester County Fire Control and Westchester County Police upgrading their CADs, Mount Pleasant can now follow suit to ensure proper emergency coordination thanks to this funding.

Putnam County Pedestrian Improvement Project in Putnam County
Funding Secured: $7,500,000
The funding will be used for a comprehensive pedestrian improvement plan, which entails the replacement and installation of sidewalks in Putnam County. This project will improve accessibility and safety, improve connectedness, and improve ADA compliance. It would also result in additional mobility options near senior centers so that Putnam’s Golden Generation has access to amenities in towns around the county.

Town of Ramapo Safer Neighborhoods Project in the Town of Ramapo
Funding Secured: $8,000,000
The funding will be used for installation of sidewalks in the Town of Ramapo. The improvements will improve pedestrian safety by providing a dedicated space for residents to walk, creating overall safer conditions for pedestrians and motorists. The lack of sidewalks is potentially hazardous to people walking on them, and this will improve accessibility and safety, improve connectedness, and improve ADA compliance.

Haverstraw Streetscape Improvements Project in the Town of Haverstraw
Funding Secured: $800,000
The funding will be used for the construction of sidewalks and repaving of roads. The sidewalks and road are in disrepair and potentially hazardous to people walking on them. This project will improve accessibility and safety, improve connectedness, and bring deteriorated sidewalks up to ADA compliance. The sidewalks are the walkway to the Town’s commuter lot which brings commuters to New York City. They are also in front of multiple townhouse and condo complexes where approximately 5,000 people reside.

Lake Carmel Dam Rehabilitation Project in the Town of Kent
Funding Secured: $1,237,000
The funding will be used to complete the engineering and design phase for the rehabilitation of the Lake Carmel Dam. Recent analyses of the Lake Carmel Dam have found it to be in unsatisfactory condition, with multiple deficiencies resulting from deterioration of the embankment and spillway. If these issues are not addressed swiftly, this dam is at risk of catastrophic failure, which would have severe repercussions. Dam failure has the potential to cause the adjacent roadway and span bridge to collapse and would compromise part of New York City’s water supply. Additionally, flooding caused by the dam’s failure has the capacity to devastate the natural environment and destroy homes and businesses in the surrounding community.

The Resource Hub for Disadvantaged Children, Adults, & Seniors in the Town of Ramapo
Funding Secured: $1,600,000
The funding will be used for constructing a 15,000 square foot multi-purpose community center in the Town of Ramapo, a QCT with a poverty rate of 25.7%. This project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because it meets a compelling local need consistent with the statutory purposes of the Economic Development Initiative. This community center will serve disadvantaged youth, low-income adults, and seniors. It is designed to combat local poverty by advancing the welfare of the community’s most vulnerable members, providing an avenue for workforce development, and promoting the health and wellness of a broad range of constituents in Rockland County.

The 3 additional projects that Congressman Lawler voted to fund in NY-17 include:

STAG Drinking Water State Revolving District in the Town of East Fishkill

Funding Secured: $2,000,000

This project will create a new water district that will facilitate ONSemi building additional semiconductor fabs and also enable at least four new major businesses to open in East Fishkill’s iPark, creating over 1,500 jobs.

Route 306 Road Improvement in the Village of Kaser

Funding Secured: $1,500,000

To widen Route 306 between Rita Avenue and Maple Avenue and to install turning lanes and traffic and crossing signals.

Shared Transit Improvements in the Village of New Square

Funding Secured: $1,000,000
The requested funds will be used to establish a public transportation system in the Village of New Square. If funded, the Village would improve bus shelters within the Village and purchase three commuter transit buses.

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