Congressman Lawler and Local Officials Address Traffic and Crime Concerns at Union Rd and Elm Street Intersection

In a significant effort to address pressing community concerns, a meeting convened this morning at the Union Rd corner Elm Street intersection in Spring Valley. Hosted by Congressman Mike Lawler, the meeting saw the presence of esteemed officials including NYS Senator Bill Weber, Assemblyman John McGowan, Legislator Aron Wieder, Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht, Ramapo Police Chief Martin Reilly, Spring Valley Police Chief Richard Oleszczuk, Rockland DA’s Chief of Detectives Pete Walker, Director of the Rockland District Attorney’s Drug Task Force Matt Ryder, Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Asher Grossman, Spring Valley Trustee Yisroel Eisenbach, Spring Valley Trustee Joseph Gross, Ramapo Superintendent of Highway Fred Brinn, Chaverim Of Rockland Coordinator Yossi Margeratten, and a representative from Spring Valley DPW.

The gathering revolved around two pressing issues that have garnered attention from the community and local authorities alike.

The first concern highlighted was the escalating traffic woes and a distressing number of car accidents occurring at the Union Rd and Elm Street intersection. Data collated by Congressman Mike Lawler’s office, obtained through neighbor-submitted Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests, revealed that nearly 50 accidents have transpired at the intersection over the past five years. The incidents have been divided between the jurisdictions of Ramapo and Spring Valley. In a united effort, both municipalities intend to collaborate closely to address this issue. The primary goal is to urge Ramapo to take the lead in a comprehensive upgrade of the five-way intersection, aiming to enhance traffic flow and safety measures.

The second focal point of the meeting centered on a property situated at the same intersection, which has become notorious for being a hub of illicit drug trade, consequently attracting criminal activities to the neighborhood. To tackle this growing concern head-on, representatives from Ramapo and Spring Valley law enforcement agencies, alongside the Rockland DA’s Drug Task Force, were also present at the meeting. The collaborative approach aims to curb the criminal activities associated with the location and restore safety and tranquility to the community.

Congressman Lawler and the array of officials present underscored the importance of community engagement and cooperation between the municipalities to effectively address these pressing matters. The meeting served as a testament to the dedication of the local authorities and officials towards ensuring the well-being and safety of the neighborhoods they serve.

NOTE: This meeting was organized by Rafi Silberberg, the District Director at Congressman Mike Lawler’s office, who has played a pivotal role in assisting the community.

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  1. Yes merrick and union and elm need a light
    And safety patrol and why iddnt they have a meeting where people could sit down. And where was this publized?


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