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Community Security Initiative Coordinates Pre-Pesach Security Briefing in Rockland County {PHOTOS & VIDEOS}

In a proactive effort to bolster community security ahead of Pesach, the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County, under the coordination of the Community Security Initiative, hosted a comprehensive security briefing on Tuesday afternoon at Yeshiva of Spring Valley. The event saw a significant turnout of community leaders, elected officials, and representatives from various community organizations.

Ethan Erlich, the Regional Security Director for the Community Security Initiative, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this crucial meeting. Erlich emphasized the importance of community vigilance and collaboration, stating, “Our goal is to ensure that every member of our community feels safe and protected, especially during significant cultural and religious events. This meeting represents a collective effort to address and mitigate threats in an increasingly complex security environment.”

The briefing was part of a broader collaboration involving key local and federal law enforcement agencies, including the Rockland County Police Chief’s Association, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office, the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office, the New York State Police Counterterrorism Intelligence Unit, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Notable attendees included Michael Specht, Town of Ramapo Supervisor; Chief Martin Reilly of the Ramapo Police Department; Sheriff Louis Falco of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office; and Special Agent Michael Andretta from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. The meeting emphasized the complex threat environment today and the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the Rockland County community during significant cultural and religious events.

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