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Community Comes Together for Menorah Lighting Ceremony at Allison-Parris County Office Building

Dozens of Rockland County residents and elected officials gathered on Monday evening outside the Allison-Parris County Office Building to celebrate the Lighting of the Menorah. Organized by the Chabad of Rockland, this event held deep significance, symbolizing resilience and hope during Chanukah.

County Executive Day emphasized the importance of unity across religions during the festive season, saying, “We should gather to celebrate the holiday season regardless of our faiths. Rockland welcomes diversity, and we all benefit from learning about each other’s cultures and beliefs.”

Deputy County Executive Mike Hoblin encouraged reflection on the blessings of family, friendship, and the freedom to express diverse beliefs. The Menorah’s warm glow served as a symbol of community unity.

The Chabad of Rockland received recognition for their role in bringing together families and fostering diversity celebrations in the county.

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