Clarkstown Town Board Approves 4% Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax on 600 Rooms

Clarkstown Town Board has voted unanimously to move forward with a hotel/motel occupancy tax, seeking sponsorship from Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski and Senator Bill Weber to pass necessary legislation. The proposed 4 percent room tax on hotels and motels aims to generate revenue but lacks clarity on its specific use.

Local businesses, especially in the hotel industry, are concerned about the tax’s impact on competitiveness. The cumulative effect of state, county, and town taxes can add up to over 20 percent on top of room rates. Tourists may opt for neighboring towns, affecting Clarkstown’s economy.

Notably, Clarkstown’s move follows a 3 percent hotel/motel occupancy tax in Rockland County and a similar 3 percent room occupancy tax in the Village of Nyack. While these taxes vary in allocation, Clarkstown’s focus on where the revenue will be directed remains uncertain.

Critics argue that such a tax should support tourism and promotion rather than filling budget gaps. Local hotels host both out-of-town visitors and residents, making this a concern for the community.

The fate of Clarkstown’s proposed hotel/motel occupancy tax now depends on legislative decisions at the local and state levels, with Senator Bill Weber’s office awaiting an official request for review.

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