Clarkstown Steps Up Security Amid Global Threat Concerns

Clarkstown Town Hall was the site of a security and safety briefing this afternoon as Supervisor George Hoehmann launched Operation Omnipresent. This move comes in the wake of a threat by Hamas, which has called for a “global day of anger” on Friday, October 13, 2023.

Although no specific threats have been made against the Town of Clarkstown, the local authorities are taking no chances. The Clarkstown Police Department has initiated heightened security protocols as a precautionary measure. Notably, the department’s Cultural and Religious Security Unit (CaReS) will be fully operational. Established in 2020, CaReS is a unique unit within the county, specifically dedicated to safeguarding religious and cultural institutions.

The briefing saw participation from Rafi Silberberg, District Director from Congressman Mike Lawler’s office, State Senator Bill Weber, and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski. The group, along with Supervisor Hoehmann and Clarkstown Police Chief Jeffrey Wanamaker, discussed the ongoing Hamas attacks in Israel and the potential implications for the safety and security of local residents.

Supervisor Hoehmann assured the public, saying, “The Town of Clarkstown is ready to protect its residents and visitors. Despite no immediate threats to our community, we’re acting with utmost caution, especially in the light of global terrorist threats set for October 13th.”

Echoing this sentiment, Police Chief Jeff Wanamaker added, “We’re implementing additional measures to ensure our community’s safety. I urge everyone to carry on as usual but remain alert. Our CaReS unit is on full alert, working closely with various organizations across the town.”

Residents are reminded to stay vigilant. If anything suspicious is noticed, it should be reported immediately. Emergencies require a 9-1-1 call, while non-emergencies can be directed to the CPD’s general dispatch at 845-639-5800.

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