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Clarkstown Police Department Honors Officers, Civilians, and Students in Special Ceremony

Today, the Clarkstown Police Department held a special ceremony to celebrate the exceptional dedication and bravery of its officers. Chief Wanamaker led the event, presenting over 40 awards to officers for acts of heroism, life-saving interventions, and significant contributions to community safety.

The ceremony also honored four civilians whose extraordinary efforts earned them special recognition from the department. These individuals were celebrated for their contributions to public safety and support for the police force.

Chief Wanamaker praised the officers for their unwavering courage in confronting dangerous criminals and intervening in emergencies, embodying the very essence of law enforcement. The event was well-supported by the town board and the community, highlighting the strong relationship between the police department and Clarkstown residents.

In addition to recognizing the officers and civilians, the ceremony awarded scholarships to 14 outstanding students. These scholarships, named in honor of Chief G. Robert Schnakenberg and Det. Sgt. James J. Doyle, are a testament to the bright futures of these promising young individuals. Chief Wanamaker extended congratulations to all the recipients and wished them continued success in their enendeavors.

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