Clarkstown Police Department Bids Farewell to Sgt. John Fredericks After 28 Years of Service

The Clarkstown Police Department (CPD) announced the retirement of Sgt. John Fredericks, marking the end of a remarkable 28-year career dedicated to public service and community safety. Sgt. Fredericks, whose tenure with the department began in January of 1996, retired with honors and the heartfelt gratitude of both his colleagues and the community he served.

Starting his journey as a patrol officer, Fredericks quickly distinguished himself through his dedication and skill, leading to his promotion to detective in 2005. In this role, he was not only assigned to the Juvenile Aid Bureau (JAB) but also trained as a crime scene specialist, demonstrating his commitment to the meticulous aspects of law enforcement that ensure justice and safety.

In 2014, Fredericks was promoted to Patrol Sergeant, a position through which he continued to exemplify leadership and dedication. His commitment extended beyond the routine call of duty; for over two decades, he served on the Crisis Negotiation Team, taking on the role of team leader since 2016. This critical role highlighted his skills in diffusing tense situations and safeguarding the community during crises.

Sgt. Fredericks was also a proud and steadfast member of the CPD Honor Guard for over 25 years, a testament to his deep respect for the values and traditions of law enforcement. His participation in this ceremonial unit underscored his reverence for the profession and its role in the community.

As Sgt. John Fredericks transitions into retirement, the Clarkstown Police Department and the community it serves remember and commend his years of service, leadership, and the profound impact he has had on improving public safety and fostering a secure community.

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