Clarkstown Emergency Executive Order Targets NYC’s Migrant Bus Rerouting Plans

In a move aimed at safeguarding the interests of its residents and responding to a recent executive order by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann has issued an emergency executive order that prohibits charter bus companies and chartered vehicles from conducting unannounced migrant drop-offs within the Town of Clarkstown.

The executive order, effective immediately upon its signing on Friday, imposes strict penalties on charter companies that violate the directive. Charter companies found guilty of illegally dropping off migrants without prior notice will face penalties amounting to $750 per person transported illegally, in addition to the potential impoundment of their vehicles, accompanied by related costs and fines.

Supervisor Hoehmann emphasized the need to protect both Clarkstown’s current residents and incoming migrants, stating, “Clarkstown didn’t declare itself a sanctuary city like New York did, and we need to protect everybody. We need to protect our current residents, but we also need to protect the people, the migrants that are coming in.”

This executive order was prompted by Mayor Adams’ executive order issued on Wednesday, which introduced new regulations governing the transportation of migrants into New York City. The NYC order imposes restrictions on the amount of advance notice required, the designated drop-off locations, and specific time and day constraints.

Supervisor Hoehmann explained that Clarkstown’s decision was influenced by past experiences in other cities, notably Chicago, where unregulated migrant drop-offs created significant challenges for local municipalities. “They’re following in the footsteps of Chicago,” Hoehmann noted. “And what happened in Chicago is, people were being dropped off around the city and overwhelming the local municipalities.”

Clarkstown officials are hopeful that this executive order will help prevent their town from encountering similar issues. While the order is initially set to last for 30 days, discussions are underway to explore the possibility of making it a permanent measure, potentially beginning in the upcoming new year.

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