Clarkstown Councilman Patrick J. Carroll Announces Candidacy for New York State Assembly, Following Ken Zebrowski’s Decision Not to Seek Re-election

Clarkstown Councilman Patrick J. Carroll has officially announced his candidacy for the New York State Assembly. This announcement comes on the heels of Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski’s decision not to seek re-election in November after serving nine terms.

Councilman Carroll, supported by community leaders and constituents, expressed his determination to build upon the legacy of Assemblyman Zebrowski. “Filling my good friend Ken Zebrowski’s shoes will be no easy task, as he has been an outstanding and effective advocate for Rockland families,” Carroll stated. He emphasized his commitment to maintaining the suburban quality of life in Haverstraw, Nyack, and Clarkstown, areas that have flourished under Assemblyman Zebrowski’s leadership.

The councilman’s campaign has already attracted significant endorsements, notably from Beth Davidson, a prominent figure in the County Legislature. Davidson, known for her grassroots approach, has strongly endorsed Carroll’s candidacy. “When you knock about 3,000 doors alongside someone, you get to know them pretty well,” Davidson remarked, underscoring Carroll’s dedication to the community and his readiness to fight for their interests.

Davidson also recognized Assemblyman Zebrowski’s significant contributions over his 17 years of service. However, she expressed enthusiasm about endorsing Carroll for the Assembly District 96 seat, pledging to continue her door-to-door campaign efforts to secure his election. Her endorsement is seen as a critical boost for Carroll, who is preparing for a competitive race.

The councilman’s announcement and Davidson’s endorsement mark a key moment in the local political scene as Democrats prepare for the upcoming November elections. With a focus on community engagement and a commitment to continue the work of his predecessor, Carroll is positioning himself as a dedicated candidate ready to address the needs of Rockland County residents.

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