Chesed 24/7 Hosts Annual Volunteer Appreciation Evening in Suffern, Attended by Local Leaders and Elected Officials {PHOTOS & VIDEOS}

On Sunday evening, the Crown Plaza in Suffern became a beacon of community spirit and gratitude during the annual appreciation event hosted by Chesed 24/7.

The event saw a distinguished gathering of local leaders and community members, including Congressman Mike Lawler, Senator Bill Weber, New Square Mayor Izzy Spitzer, and prominent Satmar Community Askan, Rabbi Moshe Indig, all coming together to honor the volunteers at the heart of Chesed 24/7’s mission.

The evening was notably marked by the recognition of Congressman Mike Lawler’s critical involvement in tackling the ongoing challenges of virtual visitation rights in hospitals, a problem that has been prevalent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A representative from Chesed 24/7, who chose to stay unnamed, praised Lawler’s leadership and commitment to the issue in a statement to Monsey Scoop, highlighting how his work significantly improved access for patients and their families to healthcare settings.

Mayor Izzy Spitzer, in his commendation of Congressman Lawler, shared a moving account of a recent intervention by Lawler’s office, which resulted in a critically needed medication being swiftly delivered to a young patient, illustrating the tangible outcomes of their collaborative work within the community.

Congressman Lawler, in his address, expressed his gratitude towards the community leaders and healthcare professionals, including Dr. Mary Leahy of Good Samaritan Hospital and Mona Montal, Town of Ramapo Chief of Staff, for their exceptional service, especially during the pandemic. Lawler’s personal connection to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he was born, added a poignant touch to his acknowledgment of its central role in the community.

The evening also served as a platform to celebrate the contributions of Chesed 24/7’s founders, Rabbi Shulem and Mrs. Greenberg, and to highlight the organization’s crucial work in supporting families and patients through challenging times. Lawler emphasized the significance of Chesed 24/7’s efforts to ensure continuous access to loved ones through virtual visitation, a mission that has become even more vital in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Special recognition was given to Rabbi Moshe Indig and Yossi Greenberg for their extraordinary contributions to Chesed 24/7 and the broader community. The presentation of a special congressional certificate to Rabbi Indig by Congressman Lawler underscored the deep appreciation and respect for their dedication and service.

The Chesed 24/7 appreciation event not only celebrated the remarkable efforts of its volunteers and leaders but also reflected the strong sense of unity and commitment to benevolence within the community.

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