Chaverim Of Rockland Volunteers Rescue Stuck School Bus in Mahwah, New Jersey, Providing Aid to Hungry Students

A group of dedicated Chaverim volunteers, sprang into action last night after receiving an urgent call. The distress call reported a school bus trapped beneath an overpass in Mahwah, New Jersey, close to Monsey.

The bus was carrying students en route to the scenic Catskills. Without wasting a moment, Chaverim volunteers swiftly deflated the tires and carefully removed the emergency exit skylight, ensuring the safe passage of the stranded vehicle. Their efficient efforts enabled the bus to resume its journey without further hindrance.

In addition to their remarkable rescue operation, the Chaverim volunteers went above and beyond in providing much-needed support to the affected students. Recognizing the hunger they must have endured during the extended ordeal, the volunteers kindly offered nourishing food and refreshing drinks. This compassionate gesture brought relief to the hungry students, who had endured hours without sustenance.

Chaverim Of Rockland’s tireless dedication and swift response exemplify the incredible impact of community-driven initiatives. Their timely actions not only resolved the immediate predicament but also displayed a remarkable level of care and support for those in need.

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