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Chaverim Of Rockland Unveils Groundbreaking Mobile EV Charging System

Chaverim Of Rockland proudly introduced a groundbreaking Mobile Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging system, a first among Chaverim organizations. This system is designed to charge any electric car model on the market, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Chaverim Of Rockland extended their heartfelt thanks to J&R Products and Towing for their pivotal role in this achievement. An anonymous sponsor’s significant donation made this project possible, dedicated in memory of ר’ אברהם מאיר יעקב ע”ה ב”ר שלמה הכהן נ”י, further enhancing the community’s access to modern EV charging technology.

Chaverim Of Rockland is poised to lead the way in serving the community with this cutting-edge Mobile EV Charging system, revolutionizing how electric vehicles are powered in case they ever get stuck on a highway or places with no charging station nearby.


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