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Chaverim Of Rockland Takes In Additional 19 Volunteers As Community Expands To Neighboring Towns

As the Monsey community continues to see explosive growth and expanding into neighboring towns, Chaverim Of Rockland is doing the same.

Chaverim, the organization that has become the backbone of the Monsey community, has taken in another 19 volunteers on Sunday.

Some of the new members reside in the new the communities of Haverstraw, Chestnut Ridge (on the New Jersey border), Airmont, Pomona, New City, Stony Point and other locations.

Chaverim Of Rockland now has 175 volunteers responding to emergency calls 24 hours a day, with an additional 25 dispatchers covering shifts 24 hours a day.

Chaverim Of Rockland responded to a whopping 44,696 (yes, FORTY FOUR THOUSAND!) calls in year 2022!

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