Chaverim Of Rockland Shabbos Patrol Units Help Apprehend Suspects in Two Separate Incidents

Chaverim of Rockland’s Shabbos patrol units have successfully thwarted criminal activities in two separate incidents in the Spring Valley and Monsey neighborhoods.

In the first incident, Shabbos patrol units caught a thief red-handed as they attempted to break into cars on Elm Street on Shabbos. The suspect, whose identity has yet to be released, had already searched through dozens of vehicles in the area, looking for valuable items to steal. Once alerted to the suspicious activity, Ramapo police were called to the scene and apprehended the suspect without incident.

Chaverim of Rockland encourages all victims of this incident to contact the authorities immediately. To file a police report, call 911. Additionally, victims are urged to notify Chaverim of Rockland at 845-371-6333 to aid in the ongoing investigation.

In a separate incident, Chaverim’s Shabbos patrol units noticed a suspicious vehicle parked at Town Square Mall early in the morning. The patrol units kept a vigilant eye on the vehicle and its driver until Ramapo police arrived on the scene. The driver was stopped at Old Nyack Turnpike and Saddle River Road, where it was discovered that the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant. The suspect was taken into custody, and their vehicle was impounded.

Chaverim of Rockland is an invaluable community resource that helps provide a safer and more secure environment for all residents of Rockland County. The organization continues to work closely with local law enforcement agencies to deter and prevent criminal activities within the area.

If you have any information related to these incidents, please contact Chaverim of Rockland at 845-371-6333.

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